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Coconut trees are growing throughout tropical and subtropical zones around the world. You can found it especially in the areas of Central America, Southeast of Asia, Pacific Islands, and Africa. The husk of coconut is a by-product of the fruit once after the copra and water inside the coconut are used. The coconut husk is made of very strong fibers which contain high lignocellulose. This lignin content is like glue making the fibers especially firm. Thanks to its unique features, piles of discarded coconut husk in those tropical and subtropical countries has become a very useful substance to be put into a variety of both environmentally and economically uses. So coconut husk shredder is a good size reduction machine for coconut husk recycling.

Coconut husk shredder in coconut husk recycling

Coconut husks can be shredded and then produced into solid building boards to replace traditional wooden or plywood boards. Made of 100% fibrous husk, those boards are of high strength and also very environmental. Besides being applied in the construction field, coconut boards are also widely used as car floorboards, particle boards, etc. In addition, coconut husks after shredding into small pieces can also be developed for the following uses: Mixed into the soil around the plants to make the soil moist.

Made into coconut active charcoal after further processes. Coconut active charcoal can improve soil quality, increase soil CO2 content, adsorb harmful metals in the soil and increase the microbial activity of soil.

Made into pillows, mattresses, carpets, doormats, cleaning brushes, flower pots, automotive trunk liners, bed liners, floorboards and purse.

The above applications are just some of the valuable uses for the coconut husks. Along with the development of technology, there is no doubt that coconut husks can be processed into many more wonderful and environmental-friendly products. As we can see, shredding usually is the first step before converting coconut husks into new products. Wanrooe shredders have various models of shredders with different designs, capacities and sizes. For shredding coconut husk, our double shaft shredder is an ideal choice. Contact us today to know more about the Wanrooe shredding machines for coconut husks. One of our friendly sales representatives will assist you to choose the most suitable model to fit your project. View Wanrooe coconut fiber baler for baling purpose.

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