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Why recycling uniforms and clothing?
Imagine what could happen if old police and security guard uniforms fell into the wrong hands. Today, many dishonest folks attempt to impersonate police officers, firefighters and other authority figures. They do this to gain entrance into people’s homes or workplaces and to commit a variety of crimes. For this reason, those who wear uniforms that identify them as law enforcement or security personnel need to ensure they are disposing of old uniforms properly.

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Uniform destruction & disposal
When uniforms become outdated, damaged or unusable, donating them or throwing them away is not a recommended option. The risk is high that criminals will obtain them and then use them to make their way into businesses or homes. This gives them access to secure information, valuables and company assets. Even outdated company uniforms can be used to damage a business’ reputation. Therefore, police uniforms and uniforms of all kinds should be permanently destroyed by a reputable shredding and destruction company. Above all this ensures they cannot be used illegally.

The process of breaking and destroying uniforms:
Classification and pretreatment: Classify uniforms and may undergo pre-treatment such as cleaning and disinfection.
Crushing operation: Use professional equipment to crush the uniform, ensuring that the fragments are no longer wearable or recognizable.
Secondary processing: Further mixing, compression, and other processing of fragments.
Environmental treatment: Pay attention to environmental requirements, ensure that the crushing process meets standards, and dispose of waste reasonably.
Record and report: Detailed record of the crushing and destruction process, including information on quantity, type, and time.

What types of uniforms and clothing can be shredded?
While most folks think of shredding paperwork, hard drives and other devices when it comes to protecting your identity or that of your company, the fact is, shredding uniforms and other identifying clothing is also a necessary step in ID theft prevention. Your shredding and destruction provider should be able to provide destruction services for a large amount of clothing items including:
Police uniforms
Security guard uniforms
Company uniforms
T-shirts and shirts with logos
School or university uniforms
Emergency response uniforms
Firefighter uniforms
Counterfeit clothing

Uniforms Shredder, Uniforms Shredder, Clothing Shredder, Uniforms Recycling, Uniforms Dispose

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Shredding uniforms is more environmentally friendly
Shredding uniforms is the ideal choice for police officers, emergency personnel, security guards and other professionals. Instead of throwing them away with the trash or donating them, you should shred them to ensure that these items don’t fall into the wrong hands. It also is the most environmentally friendly option since shredding companies recycle waste. As a result, you’re helping reduce your organization’s environmental impact.

Uniforms shredder is a full-service shredding and destruction uniform. We provide shredding and destruction of paper, hard drives and other devices, as well as uniforms and clothing of all kinds. Give us a call or fill out this form to get more information and learn how we can serve you.

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