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Single-piston Continuous Hydraulic Screen Changer With Double Working Positions


Single-piston Continuous Screen Changer is designed to maintain constant pressure during polymer processing. This type of screen change is made of high-performance steel, through heat treatment processes for improved reliability and durability. Two filters work alternately for quick screen changing operations.


Outstanding durability for high pressure and fine filtration operations.

Perform well even under high temperature up to 400"C and high pressure up to 50MPA.

Stable and continuous screen changing process, with automatic alarm automatic pressure release.

Leakage-free automatic air ventilation design.


1. Screen changer, heater, the hydraulic station with electric cabinet

2. Safety cover ( Optional)

3. Support cart, movable and height adjustable ( Optional)

4. Melt Pump ( Optional)

5. Adapters ( Optional)

6. Filter mesh/Screen ( Optional)



● The unique sealing system ensures operation without leaking

● Short residence time for materials

● Reduce maintenance

● Reduce inlet Pressure

● Stable and continuous screen changing


It is suitable for high-pressure production process.especially for blown film casting film, compounding for most thermoplastics polymers.

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