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Double-piston Continuous Screen Changer With Double Working Positions


Double-piston continuous screen changer achieves a non-stopping screen changing operation by altering two pistons with double filtering areas. During production, the polymer melt is divided into
two flow channels inside the screen changer housing, and the en conveyed through the two filters equipped with the appropriate filter medium. This filter medium consists of screen packs supported by breaker plates.
WANROOE offers Continuous Screen Changer that provides continuous polymer flow and consistent, repeatable process parameters during screen changes. As polymer enters the screen changer, the melt stream is divided equally and distributed through two optimized breaker plates. This method of filtration provides an increased screen area as compared to a single breaker plate screen changer design.


It matches with extruders of a different design. It is applicable to process most polymers at high output.
Double channel nonstop screen changer work alternatively which can change the screen with minimum melt-pressure fluctuating and production Interrupting.
Two stages of air vent design to eliminate air in polymer flow reduce defects on final products.
The superior sealing system completely eliminates polymer leakage.
Safety cover gives a better appearance and safe protection.
Equipped with ocular, elongated or U-shaped screens, for enlarged filtration area.


Suitable for synthetic fiber. blown film flat film casting film pipe sheet, wire manufacturing cutting line recycling and so on.

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