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Waste Plastic Film Woven Bag Aluminum Foil Crusher Blades

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WANROOETECH  PNSB series Plastic bottle crusher blades adoption of high-quality knife material combined with advanced vacuum heat treatment and cryogenic treatment process enables our blades or knife with the features of high precision, great wear resistance, and integrate the best combinations of strength, toughness and wear resistance.

The paddle crusher bladesis suitable for softer raw materials such as plastic film, ton bags, aluminum foil bags, etc.

The claw crusher bladesis suitable for relatively hard raw materials such as plastic drums, bottles, pipes, rubber tires, etc.

Our blade is mainly installed on the grinder, shredder, and granulator for grinding or cutting the chunk plastic or plastic cement into small-sized scraps. And according to the characteristics of the grinding material, we can choose the most appropriate high - quality machinery and knife or blade material, and adopt a comprehensive heat treatment process to ensure the durability.

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