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Vertical Plastic PET Flakes Centrifugal Dewatering Machine

Product Description:

Vertical Plastic PET Flakes Centrifugal Dewatering Machine

This vertical centrifugal dewatering machine/ dehydration/centrifugal dryer is a perfect machine for plastic dewatering, such as PET flakes, plastic pellets, ABS granules, hard PE PP HDPE LDPE material, etc. The material will enter from the bottom and will come out from the top. There is a stainless steel screen with around 3mm holes to hold the material inside. The water will be removed by the centrifuge force.

Features of vertical dewatering machine:

1-Whole made of stainless steel, durable. long-life, convenient for cleaning;

2-Rotor adjusted under dynamic balance, stable operation with low noise and high dewatering;

3-Speedy dewatering efficiency and high capacity, detachable built-in dewatering screen for convenient cleaning. Good performance, stable working situation.

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