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PET Flakes Plastic Washing Recycling Machine Horizontal Type Dewatering Machine

Plastic dewatering machine Function: used to removal of moisture from plastic bottle flakes by high speed rotating blades

Application: PP/HDPE/PET Bottle Flakes Drying (1000-3000kg/hr Plastic Bottle Washing Plant)

Moisture content remain: around 1%

The material of washing part: stainless steel or carbon steel

Screen thickness: 3mm

Rotor blade thickness: 10mm

Drain outlet: included


1.Suitable for granule flake plastic material dewatering;

2. Speedy dewatering efficiency and high capacity, detachable built-in dewatering screen for convenient cleaning;

3. Screen, using high-quality stainless steel material, equipment is durable;

4. Production of advanced technology, the spindle through dynamic and static balance, rational design, low noise, easy to clean. You can easily open the body, remove dryer internal sieve impurities;

5. Good dewatering effect, less power consumption, high efficiency, continuous production. 


ModelR/MinInner diameter (mm)Power(kw)Outline Dimension (cm)Net Weight (kg)

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