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Metals Separator for Plastic Recycling


Metal separator is highly sensitive and accurate in detecting and separating metal grains, such as steel, iron, copper, aluminium, lead, tin, and so on. Its principle is when metal impurities pass through it, electrical detector can send a signal to control board to start valve to discharge the impurity materials. Pneumatic discharging system takes little space and ensures good performance. It can be installed directly on plastic pulverizer machine or (extruders) hoppers to protect the screw of machine from the damage caused by hard metals. 


Application Areas: 

Plastic industry, food industry, chemical industry,High sensitivity pipeline metal detector separator for food safety 



1.Collection detection coil separation device in one controller and host inseparable, simple to use and install.

2.Quickly removed by eliminating system, can reduce the material loss, does not interfere with the normal production process.

3.Optional in a variety of caliber, model to meet the practical application (product specifications, accuracy requirements, work flow).

4.Detection of material properties: bulk materials, dry, good fluidity powder particle.

5.Sensitivity: up to diameter 0.2mm.

6.Optional quick connect and airtight flange for fast installation and removal.

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