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PPR Pipe Haul Off Machine


The machine adopts frequency control of motor speed, traction adopt gear reducer under direct transmission, through the adjustment of the frequency converter to ensure a uniform speed; Pneumatic pressure, use the "V" high coefficient of friction is special rubber pieces.


This machine use the mod of double track cranes draw, silicon controlled stepless speed regulating.
It’s mainly matched with plastic extruder, use to extrude and haul every kind of plastic pipe, hollow profile and soft pipe, it’s used widely and easily.

Electrical part :

The frequency governor imported ABB or Japan Hitachi; East battery digital tachometer; The French schneider ac contactor, button, indicator light.
The machine adopts frequency control of motor speed. The traction frame use chain points, make sure that the drawing speed is consistent, flexible pneumatic compression, using arrange ushering bearing structure, can effectively reduce the installation error. The v-shaped high coefficient of friction rubber pieces.


1.The haul-off machine is mainly used to continuously and automatically pull various plastic pipes products.
2.Use caterpillar rubber block /belt metal fixture block to fit with different pipes of different materials, diameters and wall thickness
3.Adopting stepless speed regulation, large in extent of speed regulation; Even in drawing speed;
4.Low in noise;
5.Compact in structure, fine in appearance;
6.Simple structure with long service life and easy to operate.

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