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PPR Pipe Cutting Machine


It adopts parts with high performance and the precision and suitable structure and design. Without auxiliary parts, the cut pipe section is flat and smooth, which really realized the flash cutting of pipes of small caliber and solved the problem of hard cutting of high-speed production.
Advantages for dust free cutter
(1). Imported PLC controller
(2). Sawdust powerful attraction device
(3). Suitable for high-speed cutting of various small caliber tubing
(4). Flat and lubricous in cutting face, no need for grinding and processing after pipe cutting.
(5). Adopt international advanced technology, imported PLC intelligentized controlling system.
(6). It is one of necessary auxiliary machines in the large or middle plastic pipe extrusion lines.
(1). Imported inverter, PLC program controller controls all mechanical drives. 
(2). It can product movements of motors, electrical appliances. 
(3). It can balance weight in cutting, and make it more stable. 
(4). Its applicability is wide and its usages are convent

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