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PET Bottle Bale Opener Machine


The bales opener machine has been designed to open bales of PET bottles for separating them without breaking them. In this way single and pressed bottles are ready to be controlled and sorted by the sorting systems. 

The hopper can be fed with a whole bale of product, conveying it to the rotor that “scrapes” the bottles thanks to a particular structure and to a clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation. 

The bottles are then conveyed to a discharging hopper suitable to charge them to the next conveyor belt. 

This machine is adopt the Europe technology and design. Use the Gearwheel driven to ensure the driven strength. 

Machine frame made by very thick steel plate which is strong and durable use;Its mainly used for the waste PET Bottle Bale opening, specially for the very tight bale;It can co-working with the Trommel machine with more effective;

Bale breaker is used in PET bottle washing lineand it is to get baled post consumer PET Bottles loose. It is usually the beginning of the complete PET recycling line. Bale size and density should bein formed before manufacturing. 



1.strong, sturdy made with thick blades and solid frame
2.strong gear box no blocked
3. driven by the gearwheel stronger than the chain wheel
4. High capacity can opening bale with packing wire directly
5. High capacity low power consumption


bale opener opens bales of various materials:

– PET / Plastic bales

– Recovered paper / cardboard bales



Bale opener depends on the density and size of the bales. Our experience tells us that the capacity is up to 80 bales/h.

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