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Trommel For PET Bottles


This trommel machine is specially used for the waste plastic recycling, city garbage recycling system, and plastic bottle recycling system. It can remove the sand, rocks, metal and other non-required material which is smaller than the mesh on the machine;  

Machine speed is adjusted by the inverter can easy control and operation; The bottom can mounting with conveyor so it will conveying out the dirty, good for the waste collecting. 

Specialized used for the PET Bottle Recycling machine, it will remove the sand, rocks, metal from the bottles, so it can protect the crusher blades. good for the washing system;


Work process:

The trommel is a large cylindrical mesh screen tunnel that slowly rotates. To transmit the PET bottles forward, the trommel is set at a tilt and flaps are added on the interior to continuously flip and guide the PET bottles in a forward motion. As the PET bottles slowly moves through this large piece of separation equipment, small pieces of unwanted contamination such as broken glass falls through the mesh screen and is collected. The holes on the screen are small enough so PET bottles do not fall through.

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