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Hot Washer For PET flakes Washing


The hot washer for PET flakes is the heart of the PET bottle washing line capable of getting rid of hard to remove contamination such as glues, oils, grease, and left-over foods/liquids. For PET recycling, the hot water washing process is essential step in producing high-quality “hot washed” PET flakes that sell for much higher prices.


Work process:

Unlike any other hot washers in the market today, our patented hot washer design uses a large screw auger to transmit PET flakes horizontally through a boiling water bath. This energy-efficient design makes use of tiny holes on the transmit auger that directly sprays hot water onto the PET flakes from the interior. 

Surrounding the screw auger is a large mesh screen tunnel which keeps the PET flakes in place while smaller contaminants fall through. 

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