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High Speed Friction Washer


This is a brilliant cold-washing machine system for throughly cleaning PET flakes. The high speed friction washer is a highly efficient piece of machinery for cleaning plastic flakes via the use of friction. In the case of our standard washing line, the friction washer used cold water to further scrub the dirt loose directly after the hot washing process.


Work process: 

At the center of WANROOETECH’s high speed friction washer lies a long, fast-spinning shaft with many tilted panels / paddles mounted. Surrounding the rotating shaft is a mesh screen tunnel used for dewatering and filtrating small contaminants such as dirt. A large rectangular case surrounds the entire apparatus where water jets and nozzles are aimed at the mesh screen. The entire machine is set at an incline, around 15 degrees, where the dirty plastic flakes are feed into a vertical feeder located on the lower end. The clean flakes exit through the higher end where it moves onto the drying phase. 

The rotating shaft within WANROOETECH’s friction washer spins at nearly 1,000 rotations per minute. As the Plastic flakes enter this machine, the material is mixed at high speeds within the washer where friction between each plastic flake helps scrub off dirt and debris. Water is continuously added via water jets that spray at the mesh screen preventing potential clogging that may occur.

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