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High Speed Dewatering Machine


The first stage in the drying process in our standard PET bottle washing line, the high speed dewatering machine has the unique ability to remove a large portion of water content within the PET flakes directly after the washing process. To accomplish this, centrifugal force is used to spin water outwards while the PET flakes are contained within.


Work process:

This horizontal centrifuge is very similar in structure to our high speed friction washer. At the core of both machines is a long shaft mounted with many panels or paddles spun by an electric motor. Surrounding the paddled shaft is a mesh screen tunnel. The entire apparatus is then encased in a metal container.

As the slurry PET flakes are fed into the vertical feeder, the spinning shaft that spins at nearly 1,000 rotations per minute continuously thrown the PET flakes outwards against the mesh screen tunnel. Water passes through the mesh screen and is collected for recycling while the PET flakes are contained within. The PET flakes, now partially dried, moves onto the next drying equipment, usually a thermal dryer. Generally, WANROOETECH’s dewatering machine will lower the PET flake’s moisture content to roughly 15-20%.

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