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PE HDPE Pipe Cutter Machine


1. Plastic knife lift cutter is maily used for cutting PVC pipe or profile. 
2. working by saw blade 
3. For small pipe or profile,we can manufacture duoble-cutter and double-pull machine to work together.
No dust cutter 
1. Adopt fully closed structure and tempered glass with security and enjoyable appearance.
2. Adopt the rotating blade for cutting with smooth and efficient necking.
3. The electric appliance adopts the PLC control. The control panel adopts the LCD text display with convenient operation and manual cutting function suitable for supporting various production lines.
4. It can meet the high-speed production with the linear velocity of 30 meters per minute.
Planetary cutter
The DS planetary cutting machine is manufactured combined with the actual conditions of the pipe manufacturer applicable to the cutting of pipes of PVC, PE and PP, etc. This machine adopts the imported blade with smooth necking. It adopts the economic and environmental scrap recovery system. The motor adopts the PLC LCD text control with simple and convenient operation and durability.
Competitive Advantage: 
1. The Planetary Cutter Machine for plastic pipes is auxiliary to plastic extruder, used for automatic production line PVC PE PC pipes, profiles and so on. 
2. Imported inverter, PLC program controller controls all mechanical drives. 
3. It can product movements of motors, electrical appliances. 
4. It can balance weight in cutting, and make it more stable. 
5. Its applicability is wide and its usages are conven

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