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Wire Stripping Machine


Wire stripper machine, copper wire stripper is designed to strip various wire: Copper wire, single core wire, multicore wire, aluminum wire, sheet cable wire, flat wire, etc. After processed by a Scrap Cable Stripping Machine, metal like copper, aluminum or steel can be recovered.


The outer sheath and inner conductor will be stripped by blade when waste cables cross through the middle guide wheel. The blades can be adjusted freely.


The top blade can be adjusted freely in operation. The running speed will be changed by 4 gears control.

Machine Features:

Double blades can split the wire from both sides; sheath and core are separated automatically.

Application scope:

Various types of wire, monofilament and filoselle cable,Rubber&plastic sheathing cables which size from Φ10mm—Φ120mm .

Daily output quantity:200kg-1000kg.

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