8 Failures Solve of Industrial Shredder Machine


Plastic recycling industry-related manufacturers, commonly use industrial shredder machine, plastic crusher products to carry out plastic products related to the processing. Industrial shredder machines after a period of operation may appear some faults and other minor problems. What are the common failures of the industrial shredder machine, and how should we deal with common failures?

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Frist, industrial shredder machine internal knocking sound: the reason: unbroken material into the machine; liner fasteners lose, hammering liner; hammer or other parts damaged, hammer or other parts broken.
Second, the elastic coupling knocking sound: the reason: the pin is loose; elastic ring wear.
Third, the plastic shredder yield reduction: the reason: the screen rod gap blockage; uneven feeding. Clear method: stop, clear the screen bar gap in the obstacle, adjust the feeding mechanism.
Four, plastic shredder belt flip: 1, indicating that the belt wear, the need to replace the v-belt. 2, due to belt assembly problems, the pulley needs to be adjusted on the same plane. 3, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the v-belt itself.
Fifth, the plastic shredder particle size is too large: too fast feed size affects the size of the material.

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Six, plastic shredder bearing fever: 1, insufficient grease, too much grease, grease scale deterioration, the bearings should be cleaned first, then add 50% of its space volume to the bearings. 2, the bearings are damaged. Replace the bearings in time. 3, the upper cover is too tight, please adjust the bolts.
Seven, plastic shredder vibration abnormalities: 1, maybe too large material, you can check the size of the feed. 2, the rotor is not balanced, need to adjust. 3, In improper handling of the foundation, you need to check the foot bolt and reinforce it.
Eight, plastic shredder in and out of material blockage: 1, the feed rate is too fast, the load increases, resulting in blockage, the solution: it is recommended that shredder operation is generally controlled at about 85% of the rated current. 2, the sieve is closed and crushed, crushed material too much moisture will clog the plastic shredder. Check the screen regularly, the moisture content of the crushed material should be less than 14%.

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