55 gallon drum recycling


What is a 55 gallon drum

The 55 gallon drum is a commonly used large-capacity storage container with a designed capacity of 55 gallons.The gallon is a unit of volume commonly used to measure liquid capacity.Such barrels are standardized in size, often with specific inner and outer diameters and heights to facilitate transportation, storage, and stacking.55-gallon buckets are made of various materials, and common ones include metal and plastic.Metal drums generally have high strength and corrosion resistance and are suitable for storing chemicals and other substances that require a high degree of corrosion resistance and sealing.Plastic buckets are relatively lightweight and low-cost, and are suitable for some occasions where weight and cost are required.

Application areas of 55 gallon drum

55 gallon drums are widely used in many fields due to their large capacity and sturdy structure.It is often used in the fields of chemical industry, food, agriculture and energy to store and transport various liquid and solid substances.For example, in the chemical industry, it can be used to store paints, coatings, solvents and other chemicals; in the food field, it can be used to store edible oil, beverages and other foods; in the agricultural field, it can be used to store pesticides, fertilizers and other agricultural products. Asset products; in the energy field, it can be used to store fuels such as oil and diesel.

55 gallon drum recycling process

Crushing and pretreatment:55 gallon drums that cannot be repaired or reused will be sent to the crusher for crushing. The crushed fragments will be cleaned and screened to remove impurities and contaminants.

Classification and separation: Depending on the material of the barrel (such as metal or plastic), the fragments are further classified and separated.This step is to ensure that fragments of different materials can be regenerated separately.

Regeneration processing:

Metal barrel fragments are usually smelted.At high temperatures, the metal fragments are melted and impurities removed, then cooled to form new ingots.These metal ingots can be used to create new metal products.

For plastic barrel fragments, recycling processing may include steps such as crushing, cleaning, drying and melting.After the plastic chips are washed and dried, they are fed into the melting equipment and heated to a molten state.The molten plastic can be made into new plastic products through molds or other forming techniques.

Recycling equipment

55 gallon drum recycling

Metal barrel shredder

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