3 Factors Affect the Twin Shaft Shredder Machine Blades Life


Twin shaft shredder machine blades wears and tear parts, their quality is good or bad, directly affecting the cost of use. Purchase good quality blades can extend the life of the shredder, what factors affect the life of the twin shaft shredder machine blades, the following 3 factors affecting the life of the twin shaft shredder blades, for detailed description.


First: the knife angle on the twin-shaft shredder machine blades has an impact

On the twin-shaft shredder, you should know that its blade can be adjusted angle, at the time of installation, there are generally angular requirements, most of them at about 20 degrees. If you are more specific, it should be between 19 degrees and 23 degrees. The angle of the blade, generally adjusted according to production needs, can also be adjusted according to different materials.

Twin Shaft Shredder Machine

According to the working principle, the smaller the angle of the twin-shaft shredder machine blade, the sharper it is relatively speaking, the better the cutting effect. However, in this long-term use, the wear and tear of the blade will become larger, and the service life is reduced accordingly. So when adjusting the angle, you need to take into account, choosing the right angle.

Second: the material of the twin-shaft shredder machine blades also has an impact

Different materials of twin-shaft shredder equipment blades, in use, of course, have different performances. Currently, there are two types of commonly used blades, one is the whole steel type, one is the steel inlay type, the performance of these two blades is different, and wear resistance is also different. For example, the whole steel type, with higher hardness and wear resistance, high-temperature resistance is also stronger, with longer service life, but it is more expensive to replace, while the steel inlay type, is cheaper, but the use of performance is poor, the use of time is also shorter. Need different materials of blades, to understand.


Three: the material affects the twin-shaft shredder machine blades

We bought the machine from the twin-shaft shredder manufacturers, in addition to the material of the blade itself, the material of cutting material, will also affect the service life of the tool, but also affect the production efficiency. For example, when cutting steel, the tool’s productivity is low, wear and tear is relatively large, cutting scrap iron, the tool’s productivity is higher, wear and tear is relatively small. So the screening of materials is more important, the impurities in the materials are fully screened, which is conducive to production and can also reduce the wear and tear of the blade.


In the material moisture content is different, and the wear and tear on the blade are also different. In the case of high water content, the wear of the tool will be smaller, but the production efficiency will be reduced. In the case of low water content, the wear and tear of the tool increases, but the production efficiency is higher, which is also difficult to choose between the two. Generally, in order to pursue production capacity, we will pursue dry material, after all, material with high moisture content is easy to clog, which is not conducive to production.


In addition to these factors above, double shaft shredder machine blade maintenance methods and strength, but also affect its service life. If the machine is checked every day, after each use of the twin shaft shredder blade maintenance, then it must be used for a longer period of time.


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