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20-200 Mesh Waste Tire Pulverizer Rubber Powder Making Machine

Waste Tire Rubber Powder Pulverizer is used to pulverize the rubber granules to get the fine rubber powder. there is no any pollution discharge. can be run in 24 hours, will not influence by the outside surroundings and degree. The final size can be 20-200 mesh.
Until now, we have opened many markets, such as Mexico, Russia, Poland, India, etc. We hope we can achieve much more success in the near future.

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Waste Tire Pulverizer Rubber Powder Making Machine Application:
Waste tire shredder is widely used in the recycling of waste tires, which can be converted into reused rubber particles for manufacturing new tires, rubber products, asphalt modifiers, etc., to achieve resource recycling and promote environmental protection and sustainable development.
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Waste Tire Pulverizer Rubber Powder Making Machine Description:
Rubber pulverizer machine is ideal for grinding 1-4mm rubber particles into 20-100 mesh rubber powder at normal temperatures. Two millstones contain in the machine, which is moving millstone and fixed millstone. The grinding can be achieved through the relative motion of the two millstones. The unique cooling system can not only lower the temperature to improve efficiency but make it suitable for grinding heat-sensitive plastic. This rubber grinder machine is widely used in the waste tire recycling plant.

Waste Tire Pulverizer Rubber Powder Making Machine Working Principle: 
Rubber pulverizer machine is made up of three sets of grinding, cyclone silo and set of electrical equipment. The main grinding machine is made up of a frame, main motor, electric controlling cabinet, feeding mechanisms and one pair of grinding discs. The basic principle for the relative motion through two micropipette grinding materials, cutting, grinding and achieve the goal. Using the wind, water temperature, effectively controlled by powder grinding materials to ensure the quality. Sheets-feeder chooses stepless speed, can according to different materials, and adjust the corresponding feeding speed, thus obtains the optimal output and quality. Through collecting agencies, take whirlwind, without any product powder dust. Small size, low noise, high output, low energy consumption, simple operation, easy disassembly, without any environmental pollution. Income and fine powder with numerous burr and powder surface fractal, easy and other colloids.

Waste Tire Pulverizer Rubber Powder Making Machine Details:
1. Top quality of the main Frame
Adopted Whole frame Cast Steel, which can avoid the machine out of shape and make the fixed disc and rotating disc gap different, producing too much heat, can’t work anymore!

rubber tire pulverizer main frame

2. How to do adjust the powder size and disc gap
Use this knob, it is convenient to adjust the gap between blades, just one hand can be operated easily! At the same time, there are rules on the disc.

rubber tire pulverizer knob

3. Rotating and Fixed Disc which is adopted special alloy steel, which can make sure long time run, and reduce your maintenance workload!

rubber tire pulverizer blade knife

4. How to cool the grinding disc
Both of the fixed blades and also rotating blades are equipped with water circulation cooling system, avoiding the rubber melt, improving the capacity!

How to cool the grinding disc

5. Feeding Speed Adjust
Mechanical feeding speed adjusting method, much more reliable, and stable, also can allow you to adjust the feeding speed stepless, no need for extra VFD cost!

rubber pulverizer Feeding Speed Adjust

6. Control cabinet
The Rubber Pulverizer machine adopts a digital control device, which can allow you to know the grinding disc temperature, main motor load or main current, it is great to help for the operation of the pulverizer machine!

rubber pulverizer control cabinet

1. Compared with the economic type of rubber miller, this type of rubber miller is monolithic casting. This advantage is that it will not be deformed easily and long service life.
2. Compact structure, low noise, convenient maintenance.
3. Low power consumption, high capacity.
4. Horizontal integral body structure ensures the installation accuracy of the two millstones.
5. Tungsten carbide millstones have good impact resistance, wear resistance and flexibility.
6. Adopt built-in circulating water cooling structure, efficiently lower the temperature of millstones during work and avoid scorching and bonding when crushing the rubber.
7. Driven by variable frequency motor, the clearance between the two millstones can be adjusted.

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Model PNRP-280 PNRP-300
Main motor power 22kw*3=66kw 30kw*3=90kw
Speed motor power 1.5kw*3=4.5kw 1.5kw*3=4.5kw
Air blower power 7.5kw 7.5kw
Air seal power 0.75kw 0.75kw
Feed size 1-8mm 1-8mm
Final fineness 20-80mesh 30-100mesh
Capacity 200-500kg/h 300-500kg/h
Working temperature ≤70℃ ≤70℃
Dimension 1560*1500*1400mm 1560*1500*1400mm
Weight 2000kg 2500kg


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