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Plastic Shredder,Plastic Furniture Shredder,Plastic Chair Shredder


Normally furniture is more often reused than recycled, but we can choose to break down old furniture and recycle them to other products for new life. Plastic furniture is widely used in almost every household today due to its many advantages such as cheaper price, lighter weight, low maintenance cost etc. compared to the traditional wood or metal furniture. However one major disadvantage of plastic furniture is its short lifespan. As a result, there is a large quantity of used plastic furniture get discarded every year. Plastic furniture recycling becomes a topic both from economic benefits and environmental protection. This is why plastic size reduction machines (e.g. plastic chair shredder) makes great sense.

What is Plastic Furniture?

Plastic furniture can be seen everywhere in our daily lives, such as plastic tables, plastic chairs, plastic wardrobe lockers and plastic light etc. It features diverse, colorful and wide range of applications. Also it is easy to clean and has favorable price compared to wood furniture.

Plastic Furniture Shredder (eg. Plastic Chair Shredder) in Plastic Furniture Recycling

Plastic is a versatile and highly recyclable material, it makes great sense of recycling waste plastic furniture. Due to its bulky volume and high void space, it is not easy to handle waste plastic furniture. Shredding can effectively reduce the volume of waste plastic furniture, greatly bringing down transportation and storage cost, and thus plays an important role in the efficient and low-cost recycling process of waste plastic furniture.

After size reduction, the shredded plastic pieces will be further washed, sorted, dried and pelletized, turning them into plastic granules which become raw material again for making other plastic products.

Wanrooe offers single shaft shredder , double shaft shredder  and  plastic granulators  with various blades designs, screen mesh sizes and output capacity. Contact us today and one of our sales representatives will discuss with you about your size reduction needs in detail, and recommend you the most suitable size reduction machine which best fit your needs.

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