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Plastic Dryer

PNHD Series Hopper Dryer
Our PNHD Series Hopper Dryer can be used with different extrusion machines, using high-temperature heat to manage moist materials. The machine can be connected onto the plastic extrusion machines to proceed with drying. It works quickly and saves space.
Functions and features:
1. Equipped with heat dispersal system, spreading the heat evenly to ensure the plastic drying temperature is even out, so as to increase the efficiency of drying.
2. The temperature controlled by PID to ensure the accuracy.
3. Overheat protection device can keep the operator and machine from accidents.
4. The inside of the hopper is made of stainless steel.
5. Choosing the following system according your demands: Standard, Micro-computer, Timer, and CE type.
6. The series works well with our company’s products such as the Hot-Air Recycler, Suction Hopper, Vacuum Autoloader and etc.


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