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PVC pipe production line


Conical Twin Screw Extruder
A: Counter Rotating Conical twin screw machined on CNC make thread milling machines by simulation software for better performance.
B: Conical twin screw extruder is specially designed for high calcium loading.
C: Compact & reliable gear box

D: Synchronized drives of the extruder, feeder, and haul-off enable the ease of operation. It is designed for high output at low screw speed and less power consumption.

E: Bi-metallic screw & barrel can be provided for two –three times more lifespan than nitrided screw and barrel.

Die Head

A: Die head is made of high carbon content forgedalloy steel for better life and performance.
B: It has resonable flow channel design and special treatment on the surface;
C: Special flow channel design ensures the equal distribution of PVC in the mould;
D: Melt temperature and pressure remain even.

Spraying Bath

A: Intensive cooling of the pipe with the help of number of spraying nozzles;

B: Axial adjustment of thank on slide rails with locking arrangement;

C: Self cleaning type spray nozzle with wide opening for intensive cooling of the pipe;

D: Acrylic transparent cover for easy inspection.

Pneumatic Haul Off

A; Twin and multi-track system;

B: Track can be adjusted for different sizes of pipe ranging between 20mm and 800mm;

C: Hall-off is synchronized with extruder with the help of AC frequency variable drive;

D: Gap between two tracks and pressure is adjusted pneumatically;

E: V-Groove rubber pads mounted on chain with proper tensioning to prevent ovality for large even for large diameter and think wall pipes.

Automatic Cutting Unit up to 200mm

A: Carborundum for smaller diameter and high speed steel for bigger diameter to ensure less wastage cutting;

B: Smooth and clean cut

C: Al movement is equipped with pneumatic cylinders;

D: Clamping force can be adjusted to accommodate different pipe wall thickness;

E: Limit switch has been provided to sense particular length

Planetary Cutting saw

A: Planetary saw blades cutting for pipe diameter up to 800mm;

B: Rotary cutting make sure smooth and clean;

C: Cutting is PLC controlled;

D: Saw dust powerful sucking device

E: Special hard alloy saw blade is employed to cut heavy caliber thick wall pipes.

Tipping Unit

Operated with pneumatic cylinder and limit switch for pipe stacking.

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