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PET flakes Plastic Strand pelletizing line

PET flakes plastic strand Pelletizing Line general description

The decisive criterion for all PET applications is that the use of repelletised material may not influence either extrusion or any following process, now may it prejudice the quality of the end product. The WANROOETECH product line offers the ideal solution for PET recycling, as it fulfils both conditions with optimal pre-drying of the PET flakes and optional solid stating.The PNLT series comprises five different machine sizes which together cover an output range of 80 – 400 kg/h.

The PNLT series PET flakes plastic strand Pelletizing Line for a wide range of applications
1. Rejects from PET preform production can be processed into flakes,recycled and used up to 30% with virgin material in preform production, without any influence on transparency, acetaldehyde content, etc.

2. Up to 100 % preform flakes and washed PET bottle flake can be used for the production of films and fibres.

3. Production waste from PET film can be recycled directly at the production line in an inline process and fed back in repelletised form to the film production line.

4. Thanks to optimal reprocessing of the material, PET fibres and fleece can be recycled and reused without problems.

The PET recycling line PNLT series comprises the following process steps

1. Conveyor screw
2. Hot air drying unit
3. Pre-drying unit
4. Extruder
5. High-vacuum degassing extruder
6. Melt filter
7. Strand pelletiser
8. Crystalliser&post-crystallisation unit
9. Storage Silo
10.Vacuum transport

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