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Economic Model LDPE HDPE Pulverizer or Grinder

PE Pulverizer or Grinder Summary Info:

The disc pulverizers of the PMMF series are available with disc diameter from 300 to 1000 mm. These pulverizers are high speed, precision grinders for the processing of medium hard, impact resistant and friable materials, suhc as PVC,LLDPE,LDPE,HDPE,PP,PC etc. The material to be pulverized is feeded by a vibrating feeder, and then come into grinding chamber at the centre of a vertically fixed grinding disc which is mounted concentrically with an identical high speed rotating disc.Becasue of the centrifugal force, it carries the material through the grinding chambe, and the end plastic powder is collected by a air blower and cyclone system with air lock. We can equippe with one piece grinding discs or grinding segments accoridng customers's specially requirement.

PE Pulverizer main machine
Segments grinding disc and unitary model grinding

LDPE Plastic Pulverizer main Structures
Plastic Pulverizer or grinder Dimension

PE Pulverizer or Grinder Features:

●The grinding disc can be regrinding after wear down to increase the service time.

●Quick and easy to replace and adjust the grinding disc;

●With higher efficient and output;

●Easy and simple to handle, and have a long service life.

Pulverizer or Grinder Technical Info:

ModelGrinding Disc DiameterDriven motorBlower MotorVibrating screen motorAir lock MotorOutput(PE)

Notes: The pulverizer capacity and technical parameter will be a little different according to the material status and also the kind. The frequency convertor also can be configured as optional if necessary.

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