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Heavy-Duty Granulator

Heavy-Duty Granulator

Central reclamation of Solid materialsthick bulky partshevy wall fittingsthick purgins,blocks,rodshigh impact applicationshaystack film,baled fiberthick Sheet,cast blocksengineering plastics and tire redaim.100-300HP Throat Sizes from 850X1000mm to 800-2000mm.

Cutting chamber 

The cutting chambers are entirely made of high hardness steel CNC machined and fine ground before assembly. Long life is ensured by the use of heavy wall thickness and high grade materials that will not contaminate the material being ground. The design allows for easy disassembly, repair, and maintenance.


Rotors are made of the finest material for toughness and carefully balanced for stable running. The "V"shaped rotor knives are easy to change and produce a consistent particle size.


The knives are manufactured form high chromium AISID-2 and D-3 steel for high strength, maximum breakage resistancd,and durability. The design allwos for easy replacement.


The pulleys are fitted to the rotor shaft with taper lock bushings for maximum security.The inertia effect of the massive pulley assures steadyreliable operation while the taper lock mounting provides ease of maintenance


The long life screens are either machined from high Strength pipe or formed from high grade plate as requiredMany different hole sizes are offered and easy change mountinqs allow you to tailor the machine to your needs


Hoppers are enclosed With sound proofing material to reduce the noise levels.Check Curtains in the hopper openings are provided to prevent plastic from being thrown back out.

Plastic granulator models:

PALLMANN GROUP granulators are completely enclosed With high density soundproofing materials to reduce noise level.


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